New Kids In Town - Brooke Schubert





Brisbane singer-songwriter Brooke Schubert has shared stages with some of the world’s biggest artists, but her career is only just beginning.  Known as a powerhouse live performer with her signature style of country and rock, Brooke has taken the last few years to write and record songs that reflect her true self and she’s now ready to show them to the world.  


Her first offering ‘New Kids in Town’ is a sophisticated and catchy track which showcases Brooke’s vocal capabilities and is destined to be the new 2023 road trip anthem.


“On my way home from Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2022, I was letting the hundreds of kilometres pass me by while listening to The Eagles back catalogue.  I was letting those harmonies wash over me, while getting lost in their lyrics all over again.  I guess The Eagles sound Country now more than ever with the evolution of music through the decades.  But one thing is undeniable about their music – the way it makes you feel.


‘New Kid in Town’ is one of my all-time favourites. One of my first memories is my Mum sitting on the couch singing and playing it on her guitar. Maybe that explains my emotional attachment to the band, who knows?    

Looking back, me showing my respect to them, even in a small way, was always going to happen.


I wrote ‘New Kids In Town’ while travelling down that New England Highway, recording it straight into my voice memos as it was coming to me.  This song, to me, felt like home as soon as I finished writing it.


I can only hope you chase the sunsets with your windows down while listening to my ‘New Kids In Town”


Brooke is no stranger to music lovers, having had her profile boosted with appearances on The Voice and Australian Idol but she has been touring since she was a child.  Her biggest appearance yet was with Keith Urban on his ‘Light The Fuse’ Tour of Australia.  


There is a debut album on the way in 2023 with a collection of songs co-written with country music heavyweights Kaylee Bell, Graeme Connors, Nolan Songs, Jerry Flowers, Linc Phelps and Natalie Pearson, along with shows and appearances at music festivals. Watch out Australia, there is a new kid in town and she’s ready to take on the world!

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